Our Mission at MCA is:

To Expose The Life-Changing Truth Of Jesus Christ.


To REACH people of all ages for Jesus Christ

To bring them into FELLOWSHIP in His family,

To DISCIPLE them to Christ-like maturity and

To EQUIP them for biblical ministry in the LOCAL CHURCH

and for a life mission to HONOR GOD and


Four Key Values to Our Vision:

 The Local Church

The local church is essential to fulfilling our vision. It is the local church that reaches out to our community. It is in the local church that discipleship and Christian growth takes place. It is the local church that will equip and send missionaries into the mission field. Therefore, the local church is a key value to our vision.


MCA is committed to discipling people of all ages to... 

  • GROW in the understanding of God's word.
  • EXPERIENCE God's power.
  • DISCOVER God's purpose for their life.
  • PARTNER with the MCA church family.


MCA is committed to outreach by...

  • CONNECTING un-churched people in our community to faithful Christians in our church.
  • EXPOSING them to God's love by caring for their needs.
  • SHARING the life changing truth of JESUS CHRIST through an evangelism lifestyle.


MCA is committed to changing the world through missions.

  • We SHARE labor, resources and prayers with those proclaiming JESUS CHRIST to un-reached people in the world.
  • We TRAIN and ENCOURAGE believers to take an active role in expanding the body of Christ through church planting and growth.