God the Redeemer

We have to remember we’re redeemed. His love never fails. God has a promise for us. God calls us by name, stating we are His.

The Redeemer Promise: God will NEVER leave us.

God is LORD-HOLY-CREATOR-KING/Remember, God has us. He can take care of everything. He is in control.

He(GOD) has done it BEFORE. He(God) will do it AGAIN. Remember, “ I(God) will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”(Isaiah 43 v.19)

Not the leftovers: There is something new and fresh that God provides us.

The Supernatural for Intervention: Slaves were bound; stuck and in need of intervention. We need God to intervene on our behalf.

The Supernatural favor: By the blood of Jesus, the first born were saved. God gave them favor.

The Supernatural path: God has a fast track for us. He can give us a path of victory. God opened a way for victory, as Moses crossed the Red Sea.

Supernatural supply: What God has supplied us.

“BEHOLD” Don’t miss it!

I am doing a NEW THING: God wants to do a new thing to spring forward. God will make a way (roads and rivers). When there was no way, God provided one along with direction.