Abraham (Genesis 22)

Command Received: There is a battle for our Christian faith, marriage, and belief. There is a battle for our mind as well. Abraham was in a place to hear God’s command. We too should be in a place to hear what God has to say for us. Can we imagine the mindset of Abraham of hearing the news of what he was told to do from our Lord.

The Test and the Task: God will always place a task before us. The biggest challenge as Christians we must take is the task to ACTION. We must go forth to complete the task/the challenge God wants of us in order to see if we are obedient to those commands. True, the task can be difficult, even a sacrifice for us, but His command must be completed.

Command Respected: Many of us have trouble respecting God’s word. Abraham should be our example of preparing for God’s command to be carried out, as stated in Genesis 22:3(“So Abraham rose early in the morning, saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him, and his son Isaac.”)

Planning: Abraham had a plan (with the help of others) and he knew his responsibility of the task.

Problem: The problem, where is the lamb, as Isaac ponders (Genesis 22:7). Abraham said God will provide (Genesis 22:8).

Provision: God will always provide for our necessities. God will always fulfill His promises.

Produce: God produced the means (Genesis 22:9) for the sacrifice to take place.

Command Removed: Our Lord said do not lay a hand on the boy(Genesis 22:12). God created a perfect plan. Abraham was obedient and was blessed for his faith in God.

Command Renewed: We must renew our minds not according to the world standards, but of God’s wishes. It will pay in the end for us to show our faithfulness. Abraham was tested and as Abraham, we need to walk in obedience.

Change of heart: Listen to God from our heart. We need to hear His voice.

Change of mind: You have to change the way you think. We must look at things differently from the love of obedience our Lord would want us to possess.

Change of Action: Most of all, we must have that change of action, instead of leaving it at the wayside.