Unforgettable: Week 1

Ecclesiastes 1:1-14

Do you ever find yourself wondering “what’s the point of all this?”

It just seems like life is the same thing every day, A bunch of routine and mundane activities. Nothing seems to matter or make any difference. As we go through life we mix in a lot of pain, hurt and regret.


We often find ourselves feeling insignificant.


What we find in Gods word is that significance is only found in Jesus the one true God.


Sin makes us feel and makes our life look insignificant but Jesus loves us and values us so much he was willing to die on the cross in our place, for our sins. Jesus thinks we are so significant he was willing to pay the ultimate price that we might have new life!


As we live for Jesus not only do we see how he values us and declares us significant but we now get to live out our lives with purpose. We live for Jesus! We live to help others see what truly matters. We live to help others see that THEY truly matter.


Because of Jesus we can live a life that is truly unforgettable.