Unforgettable: Week 5

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12

We give thanks to God for America’s Christian heritage and pray that God will bless our country and direct its leaders.

Unforgettable-Your purpose in Christ/In review:

COMEBACK-It all starts with coming to Jesus

SITBACK-Take time to know Jesus and His Word

STEPBACK-Step aside and put others first

GIVEBACK-Begin a journey of Generosity

FIGHTBACK-Against the World

As believers, we fight at different levels (when you were saved, your citizenship changed!; the world is no longer your friend; you will need to “fight Back” against the world). We are called to fight the Good Fight. We also must realize what we are fighting against. In believers of Christ, we have a distinct target on our back, we became a new citizen once we accept Christ as our Savior. Thus, the world is no longer our home. We just can’t feel we are home in this world, merely a temporary citizen.

          There is a system in this world that wants us to belong to this fallen world. The flesh and the devil are major parts of this conspiracy. When we reject the worldly system, you will instantly have enemies.

-What to do: A) Don’t embrace the world’s values; B) Embrace God’s Word-let it shape you; C) Embrace your new citizenship; and D) Embrace God’s purpose.

           Along with these key points in fighting back, you need the church as you FightBack! The church is the closes place on earth to heaven. Remember, the world is decaying as the Lord comes closer to His arrival on earth.


FIGHTBACK-Against the flesh

We are born with a sinful nature. Sin dwells in each of us. We are new creatures when we come to Christ but we still need to do the Good Fight! There is a struggle even though we are Christians. We live in a battle of forces, tension between right and wrong, both pulling on each other in a vicious tug of war.

-What to do: A)Make no provision for the flesh; B)Guard your mouth; and C)Crucify the flesh.

            God provides a powerful resource: His Spirit! Evil keeps pulling us down, but His Spirit, will always keep us in check and will raise us above the false path. No greater power than that of God. We can always fall back on that promise and His strength.


FIGHTBACK-Against the devil

Coming to Christ, the devil made war with Christians who are followers of Christ. We are in a war, a strategic war where there are casualties among us every day. Accusations abound as the great deceiver (and accuser) thrives on making us opponents of him and amongst each other. The devil prowls about like a roaring lion, ready to devour us as stated in the Bible. We need to fight back using God’s power. God’s power is infinite, not impressed with Satan’s means and schemes. God is mighty and His protection can give us the armor to ward off attacks. The sword of the spirit, His word can be used to fight back against the wiles of the devil.

-What to do: A)Use God’s resources, not your own; B)He provides defensive armor; and C)He provides offensive weapons.

                Submit to God and obey His word, you will fall in safe grounds and company against the devil. God will provide His Grace so you can stand firm. By placing yourself in Christ church, you gather strength through His word and encouragement from others by your attendance. We need to be in the body of Christ.