Jonah and the Great City: Week 4


                  Jonah, who was a prophet and a disobedient one at that, ignored God’s call to go to Ninevah.  Jonah, on his journey to the opposite direction he was commanded to go, encountered a strong storm at sea. The sailors being terrified of this storm, threw Jonah into the sea, which calmed the sea down. Jonah was thus swallowed by a large fish and held there for three days and nights. After being vomited out on the beach, The Lord once again ordered Jonah to Ninveah. At this point, Jonah obeyedGod and proceeded to Ninevah. Once there, Jonah went through the streets with the simple message, “In forty days Ninevah will be Destroyed.” (Jonah 3:4). Thus stating this simple message, all the people, evil king included, repented, and all was forgiven by our Lord.


Chapter 4

Having 120,000 people saved by our Lord displeased Jonah. He was angry that the Lord did not punish those in Ninevah. So displeased that Jonah stated, “Now then, Lord, let me die. I am better off dead than alive.” (Jonah 4:3). The biggest revival and Jonah could not accept God’s forgiveness on the people of Ninevah.


Jonah traveled east of Ninevah and found a shelter to pout. “Then the Lord God made aa plant grow up over Jonah to give him some shade, so that he would be more comfortable. Jonah was extremely pleased with the plant.” (Jonah 4:6)


By the next day, a worm attacked the very plant God grew for Jonah’s comfort, and it withered away. This made Jonah even angrier than before, stating, “I am better off dead than alive,’ he said.” (Jonah 4:8).


Hearing what Jonah had stated, the Lord said, “What right do you have to be angry about the plant?” (Jonah 4:9). That plant was given by God and God alone. Jonah showed more pity for that plant than the great city of Ninevah where more than 120,000 people did not know their right hand from their left.


This story is about US! We are Jonah. The very people who are struggling with mercy for others. It is not about Jonah, the fish, nor Ninevah. We have to look at this story as one that displays our lack of seeing God’s mercy and forgiveness for those who are lost and how we wish condemnation for those who we think should be condemned.

                                          USE YOUR LIFE. LOVE YOUR CITY.